Ian Milner

Cheil Connec+, Iris Worldwide

CEO, Cheil Connec+ & Chairman, Iris Worldwide

Cheil Connec+ CEO Ian Millner would have us believe he’s an ordinary person who gets to work with extraordinary people, doing extraordinary things (according to LinkedIN).  

He has in-depth experience of installing a pioneering agency culture at Iris, which saw the multi award-winning company drawn to global clients with adventure and discovery at their heart. Plus, he still believes passionately that people will always buy people, so authenticity, personality and resilience are key.  

In his current role as Cheil Connec+ CEO, Ian is helping clients to achieve ‘tech-level growth’ across time zones and disciplines. He achieves this outperformance by advocating a more agile and focused approach to collaboration, intentionally eradicating legacy silos, structures and baggage to make success happen.  

In his personal life meanwhile, Ian shares his Buckinghamshire home with his wife, three kids and several dogs. He relaxes by playing tennis, reading and enjoying a single malt whisky. Maybe he’s a little bit ordinary after all.