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Gray Matters

Gray Matters is a strategic business development consultancy, mentoring and empowering agencies to long-lasting business growth.

We can't stand businesses who claim they can "guarantee you 37 leads next week" without knowing anything about you. You've all received those careless sales messages!

We don't believe in makeshift sticky-plasters; we fix the real root of sales problems. We know exactly what it takes to establish successful and sustainable new business practices within your agency. And we point out the elephant in the room! 

Long-lasting business growth starts with smart consultancy to create a winning positioning and strategy. Then it's about tenacity, consistency and creativity underpinned by a rigorous sales process.

From years of experience across Dentsu, GroupM, Omnicom and Vivendi, plus hundreds of independent agencies, we have developed several programmes that all follow a proven and tested methodology; moving you from chase to attract. You’ll get a dedicated new business team offering you strategic leadership, alongside outbound and inbound campaign management to deliver consistent leads.