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Tips on Entering


 To help you put your entries together, along with the WHO, WHAT, HOW & WHY tips on the category page - below are a few tips and pointers for your entries. If you’d like any further information please email:

  5 tips for entering The ALF Awards

1. Keep your entry simple

Use straightforward language and focus on the outstanding elements of your entry that are likely to set it apart from the competition. You want your entry to stand out, so avoid bringing attention to the more mundane, run-of-the-mill aspects, while also avoiding unsubstantiated hyperbole.

2. Create supporting material to showcase your entry

Try and always submit supporting material with your entry. This can be a short video clip, marketing examples, statistics graphs etc. Ensure the supporting material relates directly to what you’ve written in your entry form. Judges are looking to see examples of what you’ve talked about in your entry form and can only judge your entry on the material you’ve provided.

Note: the 'Hero Image' you provide is what will be used on the website, social media & awards night, so make sure it best showcases your entry


3. What makes your entry special?

Everyone thinks they deserve to win an award, but not everyone can get across why on their entry forms. Award-winning campaigns, initiatives, people and teams are the ones demonstrating a best-of-breeds approach to innovation and creativity that genuinely raises the bar on what’s gone before. Explain why your entry is this special, back this up with relevant supporting material, and you’re on your way to being shortlisted.


4. Judges can only judge what's in front of them

Remember to mention everything you think is relevant in your entry as judges can only judge what they have in front of them.


5. Stick to the word counts and remember the eligibility period

It’s an obvious thing to say, but if your entry wasn’t during the eligibility period, it won’t be shortlisted. Likewise, the word count is there for a reason – maximise the opportunity to explain the great points about your entry by fully utilising the space available.